Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blogs, blogs and more blogs

Since I am the primary poster here at Mostly Political, I want to devote some time to a few blogs in Cyberland. Some you will like, some you will not, but all are interesting, if for no other reason than pure entertainment.


My personal favorite is The Absurd Report. It is the only blog to make it to the links list so far, and with good reason - it is far and away the best of the best. The layout is well done, it is organized, and the writing interesting, humorous and current. I go there daily.

No sane person likes War and the death and destruction that comes with it. No other species in the history of the world has killed more of its own than the human species and when this savagery is done in the name of God, it defies logic.

The wisdom of man has been able to tame the elements but man’s vengeance against man has been untameable. Until such time that the human species solves this dilemma, War is the ultimate solution against those who would seek to destroy civilization in the name of God.

Failure to recognize this reality is akin to pronouncing a death sentence on one’s self. One can not ignore the words of the enemy when he says that he intends to kill all nonbelievers. There is no common ground between believers and nonbelievers for no amount of gold or silver will satisfy their desire of conquest, only your life; and for one to become tone deaf in the face of such reality is foolish.

The history of appeasement has common tread, it has failed time after time and with it came more death and destruction because of the failure of people to recognize the problem they faced and act preemptively.

The National Summary is fast becoming another favorite. It has a compelling commentary style that isn't found anywhere else on the WWW; as if you are talking to a good friend. The cartoons are fun, too.

Immigration Protests
The Fort Sumter Of Our Times?
Quite a country we live in, eh? Where hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people here in this country illegally, can publicly gather to protest a law being debated in Congress concerning the problem of illegal immigration and what to do about it.


Aggressive Voice Daily is new to my attention, but I find myself returning day after day. It approaches issues with a more Moderate and Libertarian voice, one that I find refreshing.

Of course the ACLU could care less about Brittany McComb because they're more concerned about the students who have the right to not hear the word God. I mean, there could have been atheists in the crowd and hearing the forbidden three-letter word might have offended them.

ACLU lawyer Allen Lichtenstein was happy with the school's decision, saying "Proselytizing is improper in school-sponsored speech at valedictorian graduations."

Proselytizing? Thanking God is now a form of proselytizing? Did I miss the part in the story about McComb passing around Bibles or a signup sheet for potential converts during the brief speech? Of course, if she credited "Sex and the City" reruns for her straight-A performance we wouldn't be in the mess. But alas, what got her through high school is the one thing too dastardly to mention before a graduating class

Liberally Whacked, But Funny

Chronically Pissed is definitely entertaining. It's the one stop in my daily blog journey that always has me wondering what kind of paranoid, foul, hilarious, shake-my-head venomous nonsense I will find next. *Warning* As you might pick up from the title, foul language is almost an art on Chronically Pissed.

A quick thought for the day...
Why is it that Believers are free to suggest that God is responsible for everything from newborn puppies to terrorist attacks, but I'm not allowed to speculate that Ronald Reagan died a slow, painful, hideous death because God hated him? First of all, there is no god. Secondly, blow me


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