Monday, July 31, 2006

Swann For Governor

My ideal political candidate is someone their opponents respect and fear because that person is genuinely concerned about the people he or she will answer to, someone who can speak their mind and voice their views, someone who is capable of actually understanding the issues and finding solutions for those issues, someone with character, and someone who speaks in details instead of ambiguity. My ideal campaign is one where all candidates respect one another and attempt to do their very best because that's the only way to win. Essentially, I want Dave for President - an honest and sincere combination of all the good ideas and solutions from both sides of the aisle, a person who is not a professional politician, and a person who understands that his or her time in government is a temp job. In My Country that is how it would be, and while My Country exists only in my mind, it's my dream -my refuge from what angers and alarms me about my government and those within it.

While watching a local interview with Republican gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann this weekend I was mesmorized by his detailed answers to tough questions, his directness, and his plans to change government. I applauded his philosophy concerning education, welfare, and fiscal responsibility, and was stunned when he closed with the acknowledgment that government office is only temporary. The only words I could come up were "It's DAVE!".

Subsequent homework has found no catch to anything Mr. Swann said in that interview, and both my cohort and I feel confident that Lynn Swann could be the right man for Pennsylvania.

Here at Mostly Political we are impressed with Mr. Swann's positive attitude toward his years with the Steelers and the utilization of his competitive and leadership skills, and his awareness of his own imperfections. We are impressed with real answers to questions, obvious comfort with his position and goals, and his common-sense approach to what Pennsylvanians need, want and deserve, both at home in the Commonwealth and in D.C.. We are impressed with a candidate who appears so genuine and in touch that incumbent Governor Rendell is probably wishing Lynn Swann would disappear even though the governor is leading in the polls 47.5% to 41.1%.

We do not take political endorsement lightly. We do not endorse anyone without first doing the research and homework that should always be conducted before deciding on an issue or a candidate. We believe voting the party line is dangerous, and voting in ignorance even worse. With that said, at this time we recommend that all Pennsylvanians take at look at Mr. Swann and learn what he's about and what kind of man he is. We think you will be as impressed as we are.

Here are a few Swann/Matthews Policies for Change:
Government Reform
Creating Economic Opportunities

You can find more information on the website Swann for Governor


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