Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Absurd Report is joining a grassroots campaign - RightRoots.

We now are approaching three months until Election Day 2006. This is day that we the people get to exercise our right to vote for representatives to our government.

The vote we cast that day will influence the future direction that our government will go. I, like many of you have been upset with the Republicans in Congress and feel that they have lost their way with uncontrollable spending. Here is our chance to do something about it and restore the conservative philosophy of limited government and controlled spending to Washington.

RIGHTROOTS has endorsed a group of 18 Republican candidates. There are no incumbents in the group, no candidates in seriously contested primaries, and all the candidates are in competitive races

If you have the same issues, this is a good time to join in the fight and actually do something about the direction your country is moving in. Take a look, list the blogs, and maybe throw a little cash in the direction of someone who might actually make a difference in government. Even if you don't endorse any of the candidates at least you will come away more informed, and that is the best place to start when dealing with political issues.


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